It's my life's mission to help others heal through the creative process, conscious alchemy, and heart-centered  creativity.

My life's work comes from intuition, heart energy, willpower, creativity and expressions of my own life experiences/connection with source creator.

As a survivor  of multiple traumas and abuse, this space is dedicated to a better life for myself and to encourage others that they too can heal from within while creating at the same time! 

Often we find a process happening as we create where secrets will unfold about our true selves. Make no mistake, true creativity is a strength we can harness--and it's fun!

Artists are needed now more than ever to remind us of our hearts desire and how powerful the heart is in order to thrive within our current world.

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I Brought a Banana to a Knife Fight

Occasionally I get the crazy idea that most people have good intentions, or that they have my best at heart, or that next time they will let me have the last piece of pizza.


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YouTube - Free Tarot Reading for Pisces

Pisces - February 5th, 2022.


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