Who is 'The Soulful Artist'?

I am a co-creator with a deep connection to source after an awakening coupled with a Kundalini Rising in 2016. 


 My talents are within the realm of dreams, creativity, personal alchemy, intuition, and reading messages with Tarot from source. 


In our society we’re often taught that we must have the best plan, the most strategic ideas, a flair for knowing, and raw power to drive ourselves into the pool of competition. 


While all of these aspects are a part of the bread and butter that keeps us going in society-- trusting our intuition is paramount to making creative decisions that are free from constriction.


We thrive with intuition and can access the energetic flow of creativity- if we allow ourselves to. Creative energy comes from trusting ourselves enough to listen to that little whisper we ignore.


Learn to trust that whisper and the creative endeavor unfolds into reality.

This is where trusted flow with the universe thrives. This is what I've learned on this Path.


My name is K. Blankenship, AKA- The Soulful Artist. This page is dedicated to all of my creative endeavors, tarot, and mentoring. In a fast paced technological world, it’s my life’s mission to help others unlock the creativity and strength of their own heart-centered consciousness.


Within this space you will find all of my content dedicated to this mission.


Creativity is my life and exploring the conscious experience of the heart and mind co-existing is my goal.

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