"Yet another awesome and accurate reading! This was my 3rd reading and won’t be my last. It’s great to have some extra guidance when you feel like you’re at a standstill and a situation doesn’t make sense. My friends and I came to her for readings and haven’t been disappointed! You won’t regret booking!"

- stephaniev17 -

United States

"This is my second reading and I can’t stress enough how on point it was. Recent break up and needed closure that wasn’t going to be given to me. It was all the closure I needed and more. Please do yourself a favor and don’t second guess booking a reading ! She’s amazing!"

- tiinaawiinaa -

United States

"Words cant describe her, she is literally the best!"

- moodzxox -

United Arab Emirates

"I only asked two questions and I had too many things going on my mind that I didnt give much details!she is AMAZING!she even picked up on my current energy when she was doing the reading which was just fascinating! The reading was so accurate and well delievered! Great vibes, great voice, great experience."

- heidimahmoud -

United Arab Emirates

"Reading was amazing!!! Brought so much clarity and went indepth. Very accurate in picking up energies. Will definitely purchase a longer reading next time. Very pleased! Thank you!!!"

- kpanesar38 -


"I’ve gotten 2 readings and each has been inspiring and I feel more confident in my current life situations! I was feeling lost in my emotions and wasn’t sure what to do and after my readings told me it was okay to let my guard down and things would work in my favor if I worked past it. If you haven’t gotten a reading yet I highly recommend it!"

 - stephanieh1994 -

United States

"Wonderful Reading. You were right on point with my situation and got very detailed with what is going on in my life. Your approach to solving my issue was tactical and you showed me angles and concerns that I was unaware of. Thanks so much for sharing your gift and offering your insight to my situation."

 - groovydis -

United States

"Highly recommend a reading of any kind. Soulful Artist was able to tap into my energy and the energy of significant others which was informative and helpful for me in knowing how to take the next step. Her insight has been accurate in every reading and situations are now continuing to unfold as expected. Having this support has been critical in helping me to make good decisions, which is also resulting in a needed shift towards greater self-care and healing. Thank you Kindra and thank you all spirits!"

- kristengreg -

United States

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