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Are you looking for healing around the heart center or seek a deeper understanding of your creative abilities?

Do you want to awaken your creativity, compassion and strengthen your empathic abilities?

Are you growing on your spiritual journey and want to create from the heart space energy?

If you’re looking for a compassionate and non-judgemental space to heal or grow, then my services are for you.

My gifts have been discovered/cultivated after a heart-centered awakening over 4 years ago. My name is Kindra, AKA 'Soulful Artist', a heart based healer and energy worker based in the Pacific Northwest.

Through creativity we can connect you with your heart for a more natural state of harmony with all aspects of yourself on your path to personal sovereignty.

  • Do you want to empower your mind-heart connection with others?
  • Are you confused about your path in life and want to uncover your journey through the heart -center?
  • Are you in a soul connection or relationship that needs clarity, better communication, and less strife?
  • Is authenticity important to you?
  • Are your emotions imbalanced and you wish you had a better understanding of them?
  • Is creativity important to your own journey?
  • Are you having problems around the heart or traumas that you want to address compassionately to find inner strength?

All of my work is done from the heart and it’s my goal to help you open your heart space for better connection to yourself, coherence with the higher mind, release constrictions/distortions around the heart center, and aid you in breathing techniques/meditation that lowers heart rate to connect fully with your heart. This creates reciprocity within and without. From this space you can freely create, alchemize, and heal distortions. This is where you can understand who you truly are.

Let’s open a space together and create a strength of the heart to co-exist with the mind, body, and spirit.

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