Soulful Artist2/12/2021 5:23pm0 Comments

An Artist in Quarantine

During this crisis I find myself beautifully lost within the creative flow as time lends itself to me.
Soulful Artist7/14/2020 12:06pm0 Comments

Creative Collab: Composer Justin Marshall Elias

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to collab with the composer Justin Marshall Elias. When Justin contacted me via Instagram and showed an interest in some of my artwork, I was pleasantly surprised. He offered a collaboration of creating a piece of music to my piece 'Universal Bird'. It's very rare that I get this opportunity with my busy schedule, but I relished at the idea. 
Soulful Artist3/22/2020 3:19pm0 Comments

Intuition is Part of The Creative Flow

Tapping into our own personal flow is where accomplishing our creative dreams lies dormant. But at times I think that we find ourselves unable to trust our own flow. If I find myself wanting to access this state of flow, it takes trusting my intuition to show me the way.

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