Soulful Artist5/13/2020 10:57am0 Comments

Giving Too Much

The power of creativity is always on my mind. In the past, I lived fully operating from survival and sometimes even going on autopilot to get through the hard times. Sometimes, with lesser versions of ourselves, we don’t have a choice in the matter but to try and protect ourselves.
Soulful Artist4/21/2020 7:24pm0 Comments

Truth and Heart 

When it comes to creation, there is a need to overcome the box we put ourselves in. The more we keep ourselves trapped inside our heads, problems, or daily life burdens--the less we create from a space we’re truly a part of.
Soulful Artist4/13/2020 1:59pm0 Comments

You Have All The Tools You Need

As artists sometimes we can look too far outside of ourselves to find the right tools to create with. While there's a vast amount of tools, sometimes having too many can hinder your process.

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