Soulful Artist3/22/2020 3:19pm

Intuition is Part of The Creative Flow

Illustration ©SoulfulArtist

Tapping into our own personal flow is where accomplishing our creative dreams lies dormant. But at times I think that we find ourselves unable to trust our own flow. If I find myself wanting to access this state of flow, it takes trusting my intuition to show me the way.

Often I think we end up confusing willpower as the most potent fuel to accomplishing goals or dreams, but in order to take action we need a little more from that little elusive voice inside.

This is where intuition can come in. If we can explore our intuition openly, freely, and with trust at the forefront — that flow can be accessed.

In our society we’re often taught that we must have the best plan, the most strategic ideas, a flair for knowing, and raw power to drive ourselves into the pool of competition. While all of these aspects are a part of the bread and butter that keeps us going as the human race, trusting our intuition is paramount to making creative decisions that are free from constriction.

We thrive with intuition and can access that energetic flow of creativity. Creative energy comes from trusting ourselves enough to listen to that little whisper. Learn to trust that whisper and the creative endeavor unfolds into reality.

This is where a trusted flow thrives.

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