Soulful Artist4/21/2020 7:24pm

Truth and Heart 

When it comes to creation, there is a need to overcome the box we put ourselves in. The more we keep ourselves trapped inside our heads, problems, or daily life burdens--the less we create from a space we’re truly a part of.

To encourage others to tap into their heart is so important in our world right now. This is the perfect time for people to open up the space that allows a deeper connection to truth. Each truth we deny or ignore about our world, society, and choices creates a thicker veil that covers up all of the possibilities.

Within my own explorations, I’ve discovered that all parts of myself need to be integrated.

In order for us to realize the potential we have to create our world how we want it to be, we need to face parts of ourselves that are not pretty. 

If you’re highly in-tune with your creative abilities, you’ll know what I’m saying when it comes to internal processes and producing something that truly reflects the inner core through your message. It’s my opinion that the messages humans ingest have actually become highly corrupt in front of our faces on a daily basis. 

Most people are sucked into the program and the narrative of creatives is being warped, filtered, and even (in the worst cases) coming from a dark energetic place. 

To encourage others to tap into their heart is so important in our world right now.

Creative individuals truly have the power to put the right energy behind their endeavours to not only raise consciousness, but to also bring an understanding to how we create the reality that’s before us. 

We truly have the power, all of us, to change how things play out in this realm. It starts by simply going within first and learning about yourself.

This is the first step. Without that, we will continue to go in circles and be wishing for a better world instead of making one.

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