Soulful Artist7/14/2020 12:06pm0 Comments

Creative Collab: Composer Justin Marshall Elias

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to collab with the composer Justin Marshall Elias. When Justin contacted me via Instagram and showed an interest in some of my artwork, I was pleasantly surprised. He offered a collaboration of creating a piece of music to my piece 'Universal Bird'. It's very rare that I get this opportunity with my busy schedule, but I relished at the idea. 
Soulful Artist4/13/2020 1:59pm0 Comments

You Have All The Tools You Need

As artists sometimes we can look too far outside of ourselves to find the right tools to create with. While there's a vast amount of tools, sometimes having too many can hinder your process.
Soulful Artist4/3/2020 10:54am0 Comments

An Artist in Quarantine

During this crisis I find myself beautifully lost within the creative flow as time lends itself to me. Those closest to me are huddled around their televisions or phones, which only highlights the state of our world and projects them further into a worrisome state. I can feel the tension hidden underneath the surface as they try to distract themselves with hobbies, movies, or reading a long forgotten book.

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